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The office specializes in the creation and execution of personalized landscape projects, what permeates them is the search for excellence in their processes, passion for what they do and constant search to provide well-being, to the clients, bringing warmth through the experience of the contact with nature.

Its main objective in its projects is to integrate nature into spaces, providing the ideal environment for those who will enjoy them, uniting quality of life, functionality and beauty, whether residential, commercial or corporate projects. In execution, they seek fidelity to their projects and quality with a highly prepared team, not to mention the careful selection of vegetation.

Passionate about the combination of nature and design, Paisagista Luara Richter acquired her experience in her family's company, which has also been operating in the landscape business for over 25 years, where Paisagista worked for eight years until she opened her own office. Graduated in Administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo - PUC-SP, in Landscaping from the Brazilian Institute of Landscaping - IBRAP and extension course in Decoration from the Brazilian Academy of Art - ABRA.

The office is concerned about being up to date with the industry's news, participating in fairs, courses, lectures, workshops and visiting exhibitions in order to keep its projects up to date with market demand.






02 services



We can bring well-being to your home or business by creating a personalized project, so that the experience of contact with nature  provides the environment with even more warmth and comfort.

The project consists of three phases: preliminary study, pre-project and executive project.

After the finished project, the client will receive the 2D plan, 3D images, botanical memorial and technical manual with the necessary information from the project implementation to the initial maintenance.  



Complete coordination for the execution of the project, freight, supply of vegetation, as well as all the necessary inputs, a team with specialized labor and supervision of the landscaper.

When the client hires our execution, he has nothing to do withworry, your only “worry” will be enjoying the cozinessand well-being that nature will provide you.


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04 contact

Contact us


Rua Maria Anezia de Mello Carvalho, 23

Neighborhood - Jd. Guaçu, São Roque - SP

Tel (WhatsApp): (11) 9.5318-7935

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